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What If’s

September 2020

Yesterday, Sam, was playing the theme from the movie Lala Land on the piano. The song brought back the memory of the movie’s final scene, where I was weeping like mad while watching few years ago. The nostalgia made me want to listen to it again. (Sharing the YouTube clip here).

The scene is about the female character imagining an alternative life and how different her life would have been, if the action of her male counterpart was softer or not based on emotions!

(Watch the movie, if you really want to know what I mean)

The thought of how a simple decision can impact the rest of one’s life profoundly, besides being scary, can also be viewed as grand!

For instance, my life story, would have been very different if I had stayed home and packed for my tropical island (Kish) trip, then attend a meeting on October 4th, 1994. This meeting led to the life I have today with two beautiful boys, a dog and a cat.

Even as I was leaving my friend’s house in Tehran, that early fall afternoon; I paused and asked myself, shouldn’t I be packing? Yet, I left...

We make decisions all day, some are minor, like whether to buy something or watch the news. Some are major, like whether to stay at a dead-end position. I am finding that both can have lasting impact on one’s destiny.

Though wise decisions are encouraged, I am realizing that whatever that is going to happen to promote my self-growth will happen, no matter which route I choose. Just like the droplets in a sloped stream that is heading down to a bigger river, will find a way through big and small rocks to reach the river.

So, when I see people living in regret, for bad decisions, I tell them, the lesson would have showed up in your life sooner or later. The idea is to learn, and not live with remorse!

I for one am glad and grateful for my lesson, mostly because it had the added bonus of four beautiful and gentle souls!


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