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Spring and Venus

It’s been a while since I wrote a note. I don’t have any excuses as to why, I have had a writer’s block for the past six months, but I know something big is brewing in me. I used my summer break to turn some of my existing notes into a podcast (coming soon). I also volunteered for a local non-profit organization, looked for other sources of income, and traveled. I started writing this note in August and was aiming to share the insight I gained from the two women I had the pleasure to visit. One who’s name translates into Spring, and the other to Venus. I have not been able to finish as the semester began and then the Women’s movement in Iran completely distracted me.

Today, I am determined to finish this piece and share my experience on the beautiful town called Boulder near Denver, in Colorado. After I recovered from Covid in July, I needed to change my scenery. My dear elementary school friend, Spring, who is now a big boss at a major corporation had extended an invitation to me a while back. So, I coordinated a time with her, and arrived at her beautiful home, the day after her youngest moved out for college. In my mind, it was a win/win situation. I needed a place to clear my head and untangle, she needed a transitional distraction from her empty nest.

Spring is a hardworking, caring, and probably one of my smartest friends. Her place is the most organized home, I ever set foot in. I love that lifestyle and thought I am organized, but I found out she is me on steroids when it comes to organization, cleanliness, and efficiency. What stands out with Spring, is her unending love to her heritage. Her home is like a museum of Persian artifacts, with artwork from Iranian and local artist. In the 8 days I was there, I could not finish exploring all her art.

Besides being an amazing planner and extremely focused, Spring is a caring human being. Her moods may be like the spring weather, gorgeous most of the time, with some grumbles of thunder here and there, but most of the time, you experience pleasantness.

But let me tell you on why I like Spring so much…She gives it to you like it is. No sugar coating of any kind. She is blunt and honest with people she loves, and I felt that, from the day I met her 13 years ago in San Francisco at our elementary school reunion. To be honest, I was bracing myself when I arrived, as I knew she won’t hold back, as I could tell she loves me.

Spring has some amazing friends and is not afraid to share. She has managed to gather other impressive women around her and has weaved real friendships made of trust, support, complete honesty, and laughter. The veracity these women share was kind of shocking to me at first. They say things as they are, with zero filtering. For instance, a highly educated woman told me directly that she does not like my hair straight, and prefers it curly. This was our second time meeting. I was taken back when I receive this unsolicited and direct comments. Yet, it was like a breath of fresh air...because where I come from no one dares to do that, at least not in my circle of friends.

One of Spring’s amazing friends stood out. Her name translates to Venus. (I've tried to depict the planet Venus on the photo above, shining on a beautiful spring day.) Venus is this soft-spoken gentle soul, who one can tell is very intelligent which causes her to be genuinely humble. One can also see how content she is at heart. When you see someone that content, it usually radiates out on their face. I recall the day, where she kindly, picked me up and took me to town for coffee and a meal, allowing Spring to finish her work. Her gesture to care for the friend of a friend, made me a little envious of Spring and how wonderful she must be. Surprisingly, Venus, with her holy face and soft words, was also direct and blunt in providing feedback.

What a novelty!

As a teacher I must always be very careful about how my students feel. Some may read this and think this is criticism, but I am honestly giving them my highest complements. The women I met in Colorado, were the most unhypocrital women, I have ever met. They were free from pretense and totally themselves. In Life at Its Best, M.S. Irani tells us:

There is a demoralizing cleavage between what man is and what he wishes to appear to be. When hypocrisy comes into play it works much greater havoc within one’s own psyche than in the outer sphere. The perceptible damage in the outer sphere is great, but the unperceived damage in the spiritual realm is stupendous.

The truth of one’s own perception and realization is the only road by which wholeness may be restored to the inner psychic being. In no other way can man obtain release from the chains that tie the limited ego-mind to the colossal cosmic illusion which hides from him the perennial spring of the Divinity within.”

Watching these amazing ladies in Colorado on the road to restore wholeness and releasing the chains that keeps them away from their own divinity, was inspiring. I hope that they realize how blessed they are and wish they continue receiving direct and untethered feedback from each other, with the aim of gaining more self-awareness.


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