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What if Darwin Had it Backwards!

December 2020

Three days ago, Nemo, our loyal and sweet dog dropped his body. His cute, white and fluffy body, simply gave in to all the trauma of his life, including being attacked by two coyotes in 2016. The photo above is an X-ray of his abdomen that depicts all the stones in his bladder and urinary track.

I remember a very tall and strong man, once told me, that passing one small kidney stone, felt like dying and the excruciating pain he felt was unbearable. Our little Nemo had 300+ of those stones, yet he woke up, every morning, as usual, focused on protecting us from intruders, even to the last day, after I brought him home to say goodbye and have his last dinner at home!

Loosing another being who loved me unconditionally is very difficult; yet, my mind swirls around Darwin’s theory of evolution. He claims that we, homo sapiens (Latin for wise man, which all modern human beings belong. Source: google), are the most evolved beings. Darwin, on the other hand refers to Amoebas, a common freshwater organism as the first species on earth that are single-celled!

So according to Darwin’s theory of evolution, we are the most evolved being on earth and amoebas are the least evolved. Yah...right!?

What if Darwin had it backward?? What if Amoebas are the ultimate state of being. No mind, no duality, peacefully floating in fresh water. What if we as humans are the first species, and are working our ways to being amoebas?

As humans, we nag about pain, our egos cause war, we claim we know everything there is to know and treat each other like s***t. We lie, cheat, hurt, and act all noble, and claim we are the evolved ones! Are we really???

Nemo’s tolerance for pain, his loyalty and sweet devotion to the common good is thousand times more evolved than what I see us humans do! I mean look at us now. Some folks don’t even want to wear a mask for the common good, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus!

Some may say the pain of my loss is preventing me from thinking like a big head scientist; but I think I am “on” to something. I think Darwin had it backwards, and we all are the “first” species working our way to becoming ONE!


Nemo's x-ray and the stones in his UT.

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