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Valley of the Saints

June 2020

In July of 2019, I spent a day at a place called the Valley of the Saints. (Shown in the photo above) This is located in the mid-western part of India at a town called Aurangabad.

They say 1400 Sufi masters are buried in this valley. I have never been to a place like this before. The energy was so strong that I was up for 3 nights after my visit, without feeling fatigued. What was amazing about this place was the luscious green hills, full of little tombs.

The visit there made me different. I got a glimpse of a state of being that I never knew existed. A place inside of me was tapped which had unlimited energy, joy, and peace. As if it confirmed all is as planned.

I hope everyone taps into that well inside. Not sure what triggers yours, not sure how long it lasts, but I know once you have a glimpse of it, you will never ever be able to live an ordinary life.


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