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(I wrote this note in 2018 and published on LinkedIn, but today I felt the need to modify and share here)

Imagine watching an airshow similar to the photo above, What happens if the aircrafts are not in sync? The chaos and the confusion will likely cause a catastrophe. Now, imagine each airplane representing some facet of a person. One can be the person's thoughts, plane two could be the person’s heart's desires, and another one can represents what they communicate to the external world.

Of course, we all have experienced internal conflicts before; where our heart and our head play completely different tunes. Most folks, somehow, settle the battle. Some allow the head to win, some allow the heart to triumph. At the end of the day, a decision is made and what is communicated is the reconciliation of the two.

I have noticed the problem with many relationships, arises from the disharmony of these three aspects among at least one party. The lack of effort in synchronizing these fundamental aspects of ourselves, will cause, irrevocable damages, like distrust, constant conflict, and indecision. The value of synchronizing your heart, your head, and what you communicate, is perhaps the most important tool in building a trusting and lasting relationship. Tri-synching may not be easy for everyone, but a self-aware person will have no troubles in securing an amazing airshow.


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