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Time and Friction

November 2020

I’ve been gifted with crystals by friends and family for many years. I even purchased a small book about them, in the hope of understanding their significance and effect. I have held them while meditating, with the preconceived idea that a certain crystal will have certain impact on my psyche. The distend notion that a piece of rock can impact my world and psyche was and continues to be far-fetched for me.

Crystals, however, have debouched in me the value of time and friction. Holding these sharp-edged stones, reminds me of a time where I had sharp edges. The bluntness in me still exists, but time and frictions have removed my rough edges.

Though, to some folks I am still considered acute; but much of my nature has been polished by time and the many life frictions. The grinding of my corners, each painful smack, each acidulous heartbreak, and each undeserved incident have played a role in smoothing my psyche.

Perhaps the hype about crystals relates to realizing how coarse we are and teaching us to be patient with ourselves, as time and continuous frictions will smooth us out! I hope so!


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