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The Secret

November 2020

I watched the movie: “The Secret” about 10 years ago. It was dazzling and made me feel powerful and in charge of my life. The essence of the movie was about us as humans having the power to attract everything we want and need by simply focusing on it and constantly envisioning it.

It’s sounded all good and dandy at the time. Everyone I spoke to had heard of it and practiced it daily for various outcomes, like getting rich, healing a patient, meeting the right partner, or getting the loan for car/house they want.

Oh little did we know, what we were doing was impacting the balance of the universe, and how unaware we were with the unintended consequences of materializing all of our wishes.

Let me ask you this: how often you had wished for something, the wish came true, and later you realized how wrong you were about wishing it???

I have had that happen to me few times in my life. Wanting things so badly, wishing, praying and finally receiving it. In our culture, we even bargain with god, and asking him to make a wish come true and in exchange, we give a certain amount to the poor. Unaware of the domino effect of that wish coming true may have on the rest of our and others’ lives.

As I am aging, I am realizing my wants and needs change. I am realizing I don’t know everything; I simply can’t know everything at this point of my involution. Hence, wishing and concentrating on something specific, to make it happen, is not only wrong, but even dangerous.

What the movie failed to mention to the masses, is that with the power to manifest our destiny, comes a huge responsibility to live with the real consequences of that wish coming true.

Now, can this thought trajectory lead me to becoming a powerless doormat with no ambitions or hopes? Not really...But until I become omniscient, I need to be careful when wishing for specific things. I can definitely set an intention for me and those around me to be happy, but no more specifics.

I think the impact of sharing incomplete knowledge like the movie Secret, can hinder the spiritual growth of humanity as it was intended.


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