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The Ocean

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

July 2020

Yesterday, I took a drive for a late afternoon walk to the pacific coast. All the demonstrations and violence had triggered a slight Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder in me.

You see, I was exposed to similar or a little closer to home situation as a teen in the home country. The sounds of shootings or fearful faces simply brings out much anxiety in me, that I needed to decompress by the beach! The place I usually go to is Point Dume State beach. Taking my shoes off and letting the cool water wash away my fears.

As I was walking by the shore, I noticed the opening of a large pipe that probably would carry the overflow from the streets of Los Angeles into the ocean during the rainy season.

Some may get disgusted by the thought of getting wet with water that holds the filth from the city streets, I, however, felt closer to the ocean, closer than before.

So my beautiful Pacific ocean, like me, is on the receiving end. Like a mother, this ocean gets dumped on. All the overflows of her surrounding ends up in the middle of her heart. Everyone’s bad feelings, their bad days, their bad grades, their sad break ups, their fights at work, all their disappointments, or all their negativity are on her (us) and still yet we remain unaffected, sparkling, and still have room for more! Our capacity to take (the ocean and us mothers) is so vast that no matter how dirty you are, you can come swim in our love every day and leave feeling clean, refreshed, and full of energy and most importantly loved.

We are the ocean of love, and every day when the sun rises and sets, we aim at cleansing. We are the ocean of love! : heart:


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