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The Monster Within

Reflections and memories

Of a time where our monster within

Came to surface

Like the sea dragon

In a salty lake

Often than not

The unaware us

The guiltless us

Letting it peak its ugly face

At all those we love

The monster within

Was not there before

In our silly lakes

You see!

We only had goldfish once

And some other harmless creatures

Someone’s monster

Laid its egg in our silly lakes

Most likely

Their lake

Was raped by a monster too

The cycle of affliction

Carries on...

Beyond karma after karma


One day self-awareness

Awakens one of them

With its aim to awaken others

With its aim to sooth their pain


Brings about love

Love shall permit the sparkles

On that quiet silly lake

To shimmer again!

Composed at 6:01 am 12/5/2020


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