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November 2020

Lenses cleaned

Vantage point checked

Sanity intact

Faith strong

Heart sanitized from all impurities

Checking back

Reviewing the steps

Admiring some parts

Resenting others

Life as a whole

Has been kind

With few glitches

Here and there


With not much kindness

Non-ordinary love

The push and pull kind


With not much care

Imposed comfort

The give and take kind

Having it all

While lacking it all

What was missing

Cannot be named

Looking back at it all

Settling for a perfect package

was not an option...

Not wasting another lifetime

High level schooling

The school of life

Where heartaches are many

But past mistakes are washed

Where Lenses are cleaned

Vantage points are checked

Sanity stays intact

Faith gets strong

And heart is freed

That’s my thanksgiving speech

Though I long for a smile

A hug,

A kiss,

A kind word...

Still grateful for my schooling...

Can’t wait to graduate!


11/24/2020 7:15am


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