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Soul and Form

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

This photo on social media intrigued me to write this note. (can't provide credit as I don't know who's work it is)

Can you imagine a blackberry in its final form being stuck in its initial form’s consciousness? I mean a delicious fruit thinking it’s really a seed or a flower??

I believe, in normal circumstance our consciousness also grows with our form. We simply cannot carry the consciousness of our origins from evolutionary state in a human body. I believe most of the problems of our society stems from our consciousness not being in synch with our form. The impressions, fears, struggles that we carried with us as animals, are glued to us. I mean crazy glue kind!

For instance, the concept of white supremacy is a perfect example of such dissonance. A soul in human form with white skin color thinking they are still in an animal form and must protect its kind. Fear is normally the basis for this incongruity.

Being stuck in a different form’s consciousness can only be remedied by love. As the opposite of fear is love. Instead of hating and creating more hate, let’s spread love, which comprises of feeling safe, accepted, and important.

I know the foundation of BLM movement is noble and must continue, but the strategy of implementing change is flawed. No man who is stuck in its previous evolutionary consciousness will respond to attacks to his core with kindness. Hate and fear, creates more of the same. My two cents!


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