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This year, I am experiencing a real winter with snow and freezing temperatures for the first time after many years. I am spending time with a friend on the East Coast of the United States and due to the time changes I’ve had issues falling asleep. To cure my insomnia while traveling, I sometimes play games on my cell phone. luckily, one round of Solitaire puts me to sleep quicker than a lullaby.

This morning, I thought of the game, that I had played the night before and compared it to the game of my life. You see, unlike the card version of the game, the electronic version gives you many chances to win. First, you can use the "hint" icon, where the system gives you many clues in order to win the game. Sometimes the clues don't work. You then have the option to press the reshuffle icon. This option will reshuffle all your cards, aiming to help you win. After all this help, if you still don't succeed at lining up the cards, you basically were systematically ordained to lose that particular game.

Consider this: what if in the game of life, we had a "hint" icon? what if we simply clicked on an icon, and life would give us a clue on how to go about a decision in our lives? What if when the clues were too hard to understand, life, then would simply reshuffle all the players and cards in our lives?

Well, I think we have all the help and hints needed in order for us to succeed. We simply are not grasping them, because we are too busy with non-essential things. Then, when we exhaust the "hint" options, we automatically go into reshuffle mode. We move, we change jobs, we change partners. Sometimes the reshuffling works, and sometimes we still won't succeed.

unlike the card game, losing the game of life is impossible. We have unlimited hints, and reshuffle options which we plainly can't exhaust. If we just learn from the past, and keep playing, we are winners. To me this is life...a game where we keep playing, keep trying, and ultimately find our way home. No losing...EVER.


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