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October 2020

This morning I could not find my shoehorn to put on my walking shoes. I looked everywhere, and finally found it. someone had moved it under the fireplace seat. (Leo or Nemo)

As I was using it to ease my chubby feet into my tight walking shoes, I started admiring it for the first time.

The role the shoehorn plays in my life, may not come across as essential, it’s just a shoehorn for god’s sake, I can use my fingers too, but the smooth, seamless, effortless experience is something I always enjoy!

Similarly, I sometimes feel like a shoehorn for those around me. I may not seem essential, I am just there, and possibly being taken for granted. I think most moms are like shoehorns. But when we are gone, our real purpose is realized. Like how we made life easier, happier, and effortless.

To all those who feel like shoehorns, I want to say, you are not alone, and to those who I make feel like a shoehorn: I love you and am very grateful for having you in my life!


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