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Today I was thinking of roots. Every live plant must have roots! Some are strong and connected; others are weak and separate. The strong and connected ones tend to hold the plant or tree grounded and no wind can blow it off. Unlike the weak roots that tend to blow right off the ground.

I am going to assume the sturdy roots also take longer to form and the plant may have a harder time growing tall, as the roots tend to pull down on it. Diversely, the feeble roots don’t pull down as hard, hence, the plant grows faster.

And then there are plants that don’t have roots. According to Some water plants don’t have roots and get everything they need through their leaves.

Some other plants are air-plants and get water and nutrients from dust through their leaves.

Why so much interest in roots, you may ask? Well, lately, I have been examining the cultural differences between my host country and my country of birth. Like plants we as humans, have roots with similar variety.

Iranian culture like many Asian and south Asian countries, places much emphasis on one’s roots and the family obligations. In cultures like that, the interest of the individual, normally capitulates for the good of the family. The roots are strong, and the family either grows tall together or stays the same.

In my host country, like many other western countries, the individual needs normally overrides the needs of the family. The individuality notion allows the unrooting process. Once the unrooting process is complete, like the water or air plants, the individual receives support from their environment. Mostly because their environment, systemically has the capacity for this support. The marvel of this process is not always true for every family, but the process is prevalent.

Now the real question is which root system is better? Which of the two methods of living has yielded to more success for humanity? Deep, strong, and connected roots? Or flowing rootless that have the agility to move around and adjust to the environment and times? Perhaps a happy medium could exist.


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