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October 2020

This morning, in my quiet, I was staring at the reflections of the trees and bushes on a pool. The air was still, peaceful, and besides the birds chirping, no other noise or movement was present.

The reflection on the pool had movement. The movement was subtle, yet totally visible. At times the trees and bushes overlapped on water. The clear-cut view of the actual greens did not exist. Everything became blurry and confusing at times. Meanwhile the real trees and shrubs were motionless, at peace and totally clear.

I immediately remembered my journey this past few weeks. The commotion, the movement in the reflection of what is real, seemed scary, confusing, and totally fluxed up. Meanwhile, the real thing was fully intact; but my limited perception focused on the reflection, rather than the real.

What is real, is perfect,

What is real moves slowly, What is real protects,

What is real has no animosity,

What is real does not see right and wrong,

What is real does not see separation,

What is real does not have space for duality,

I concur with Dr. Beckwith, who said, our context derives our perception. Fear limits our context, so if my context is only the pool, I only see mayhem, chaos, and disorder.

Lesson learned for me:

don’t let fear limit your context leading to a chaotic perception. All is as it should be. My perception became tinted, but now I can see better.

As Maya Angelo says: when we know better, we do better!


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