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I spent all day cooking and baking for the household. When I say all day, I mean from the time I returned from my walk 8 amish to 8 pm. (The photo is not my table, but similar)

This year due to covid and the mourning period for the kid’s aunt; we had decided not to have anyone over. We normally have had anywhere from 5 to 20 people throughout the years.

As I finally sat at the small table of ours, and started eating, one of the boys expressed that this is one of the best Thanksgiving dinners, he has had. Mostly, because it was small and everyone in the family was sitting and not serving. I could tell; though, the other one was struggling with not having his cousins around.

Such a vast gap between perspectives. I picked up on their ulterior vibes right away and tried to gauge my own feeling about it while eating. Then I recalled a quote by M.S. Irani:

“True happiness begins when a man learns the art of right adjustment to other persons, and right adjustment involves self-forgetfulness and love.

Hence arises the spiritual importance of transforming a life of the limited self into a life of love.” Discourses 7th Ed. Page 396

The problem was who do I adjust to? It’s like one eye wants to look right, and the other left. Making the boys happy, while ensuring codependency does not sneak into the picture, has always been my aim! least my apple pie (made from scratch) made them both happy. For me however, it was the final touch for my stomach to blow up!

Regardless of circumstance, I try to remain grateful as it’s my mom’s legacy and her cure for every unease! But dealing with conflicting perspectives can make your head spin! I am sure, ultimately, love will mend everything!


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