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Perfect Imperfections

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

July 2020

Lately, I’ve been feeling really odd. Odd as “stupid”. I knew I did not know much to begin with, but lately, I am realizing I really really don’t know much! I wish I could read every book there is to read and understand every ideology, everything about mathematics, physics, philosophy, biology, astronomy. I wish I knew everything in depth and could explain it to others. I mean could a person be Omniscient?

Why such thirst now? I have been thirsty all my life, but now more than ever. Now that I can’t absorb much nor retain information. I mean, I forget what I had for breakfast, how can I remember all the things I want to know about and share.

Remembering this perfect imperfection about myself, is humbling. It has an element of hopelessness and helplessness, yet it has turned on an engine in my heart. I must continue loving and serving , so more doors will be opened for me to understand.

I am a perfect imperfect work in progress human being.

Photo from my walk by balboa lake today!


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