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Peace of Mind

Woke up thinking of the times in my life where I was restless. No matter what I did, who I saw, and where I went; a fire :fire: was boiling me. Not calling it anger or anxiety, but a feeling that I have lost something or forgotten to do something.

I was not equipped to deal with that restlessness when I was younger. But slowly I began adding tools to my toolbox to fix it. For a start I used music. (I still do). I would ask the universe to send me a message to help calm my nerves. And the universe never failed me. One timely song after another would affirm I am going to be OK. Irene Cara’s “what a feeling” song helped me during my undergrad years. You can listen to it here!

As I aged, passages from books and poetry, kicked in. I would open Shakespeare sonnets and ask for a message to help my restless heart! I would open the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, and any religious book that I can put my hands on, and would look for words of wisdom.

When I reached my mid 20s, I had a poetry teacher who read and reviewed Hafiz and Rumi poetry with us. (Mr. Shaparaki) When I read them with him and other pupils, instead of calming down, my heart would pound harder from excitement. To this day, his voice echos in my head. He would calmly say: settle down all, these poems are meant to awaken something in you, and soon it will all make sense. Life will make sense!

He was right!:pray:🏼 30 years has passed since then. I wake up in peace and go to bed in peace. Not because my worldly life is perfect, (far from it, irrespective of the perfection veneer that radiates out) But because I patiently waited for my life to unfold, while I manifested the will of something higher than myself. That higher thing, could be something different for each individual. Some call it God, some call it Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed.

For me that thing is myself in a higher or different dimension. It’s the best version of me, the last version of me, the final version of me. Getting there requires help. Someone who’s been there, done that. It’s important to have that help!:heart:

Though, I still have moments of angst, disappointment, and sorrow; I believe I have reached a place in life where I can summon peace of mind at anytime. How? you may ask: by simply remembering my main tool in my toolbox 🧰! and that is my unrelenting faith that the universe is FOR me and not against me. Because universe is nothing but myself in the highest of the high place!:sunny::sunny::sunny:


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