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Nemo the Dog

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

July 2020

Few weeks ago, in an attempt to ward off tick and flea from Nemo (our 11 year old Malti-poodle-terrier mix), I broke down and purchased a tropical medication to avoid future suffering for the poor guy. After applying the medication, Nemo became almost paralyzed. With tears of regret I looked at him and he stared back at me, asking me what is happening to me?

Thanks to you my smart boy (sam), we realized he has reacted to an ingredient and needs to be washed right away. So we did and after couple of days he was back to his naughty self again.

This is not the first time he has been ill, he had a kidney stone surgery, and has survived being ripped apart by two coyotes. Not to mention the many ear infections!

So our sweet little puppy, has an amazing attitude towards pain. He hardly ever complains. Even during his bloody times, you could not hear him. He would give me this look that I am here for you till the end.

Nemo has taught me some amazing lessons:

1- Staying focus- He has taught me that my pain is mine and no one else’s. As long as I stay focused on keeping my master happy, (in my case serving others) nothing really bothers me.

2-Cheerfulness- he has taught me to remain cheerful even in worst of times.

3- Kindness - when I get sad, I tend to cry, and when I do, Nemo is the only live being that follows me all over the house with his eye constantly on my face, to show he cares. Even though I have (had) very kind parents, Nemo has raised the bar)

4- Patience - I have learned to be more patient with others. For Nemo, I have held his feeding and walks for hours and all I have said to him was: “let me finish this and I will...”and he would gently sit by me. (Unless he really has to go)

5- Strength- this dog is a powerhouse and puts up a front to strangers, like he will rip them apart if they come close to our yard! I have learned to set boundaries!

6- Perseverance- he would not go to bed until I give him his before bed treat. He has trained me well. He has reaffirmed my upbringing to never give up.

And Finally...

7- Unconditional love - this dog has given me nothing but love. After my mom and god, I think he loves me the most in this entire world. Even if I accidentally step on him, he runs to me ensuring I don’t feel guilty.

I am glad he made it and I promise to never poison him again. (He still loves me after that). I want to be like Nemo. It will be an honor to be called a dog or puppy.


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