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My Guarantor

June 2020

Today I recalled a dream. This was right before being offered to go to India.

It was early April of 2019. Life was hopeless and I honestly could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. If I allowed it, darkness would have swallowed me alive. I was not happy and can honestly say I was becoming desperate.

The dream was about four black crows that had come to take me. I was on my bed and they sat on my desk. They acted Like there was a hearing or court. They were part of a council who had given up on me to deliver a task I was assigned. There was talk of “you have failed us and it’s time to go.”

As if I was a lost cause, and they had to do some damage control and just end the mission now!

There was also a dark gray goose with a white neck band who also was tagging along and she (in the dream I felt she was my mom) was defending the cause and was asking for one more chance.

The four crows who had sour and serious faces agreed to give me another chance and marched out of my room. The geese followed them, but before exiting, she turned around and winked at me. As if telling me, she was my guarantor, and I am safe. And because of her, they did not abort my mission on earth. It was magical.

The next day or few days later, I was offered a ticket to go to India and that’s where I saw the movie of my past life and all the reasons that led to what it is now and its purpose. I am not saying I have all the answers or know what the future holds; all I am saying is that I have the best angels surrounding and guiding me!

We have a choice in this world, to live in a so-called reality (which is really the illusion) or live in a magical world and always be happy. I choose happiness!


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