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Mars and I

September 2020

Late night strolls with Nemo the dog is normally quite frustrating. Especially lately, he does not feel good and wants to smell every inch of our front yard before he does his business. My frustration stems from this being the last chore before I crash in bed, and since I have been doing it almost every night for over 11 years, it gets quite boring. Of course, when I am not home, someone else will do it!

Frankly, I don’t even remember a time, where I would simply go to bed without having 15 things to do besides my personal hygiene! (Hmmmm...this is another topic I can write about another day)

Last night, because of Nemo’s recent health afflictions, he took his sweet time. Keep in mind, I have to be fully vigilant too while he smells every corner, as we have coyotes, cougars and other wild animals in the area. So, as I was looking around, I heard the owls and raised my head to the sky... AND there it was...the Orange star...shiny and close as can be. I felt a slight jolt in my body and as if two lovers have met for the first time, felt the sparkle in our eyes. Meanwhile Frank Sinatra’s tune, “strangers in the night” started playing in my head.

Yes...Mars and I had connected🧡. I even forgot, why I was standing outside at 11:30 PM. The usual tug of war with Nemo had stopped and he was pulling me all over the place with my eyes fixated on my Mars! The love I felt for this star was quite extraordinary...almost magical! So, I am proud to announce that Mars and I (like the king and I) have a thing!

I am not sure where this relationship is going, but I am going to take advantage of its presence in October as much as I can. The attached article explains everything and so does the song!


*I do not own this music*

"No copyright infringement intended.

Enjoy it.

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