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Luxury Cars

Recently, I had the option to purchase this 2004 MBZ from my friend for less than $2000. It looked clean, drivable and quite impressive. I have driven Japanese cars ever since I remember; so, I thought a reasonably priced German car would be a good way to try a new brand. I, also, wanted to help my friend, because a single woman selling a car privately, made me nervous. Frankly, I also fancied the idea of owning a Mercedes Benz. After all, driving one, regardless of how old it is, depicts: status, class, and of course wealth.

With this in mind, something was triggered in me today when I drove into a Persian supermarket; where 90 percent of the cars in the parking lot were either MBs, BMWs , Lexus’, or Teslas. Driving with my hatchback Subaru, I felt like an eyesore!

So I decided to dive a little deep and find out what is the obsession with driving fancy cars and Persians:

Dependability? Japanese cars are more reliable and cheaper to maintain.

Resale value? Japanese cars have better resale value and are in more demand.

Practicality? Well, someone close to me recently purchased a 2016 Audi with no back up camera or USB Cable outlet. All of which are standard features in most 2016 Japanese cars.

So why are Persians obsessed with such cars? Sadly, my heritage is obsessed with status, or the illusion of status. I don’t doubt, most of them can afford luxury cars and worked hard and deserve the bragging experience. But I know some with combined monthly car payment and insurance, that is close to their mortgage payment. But, since they can’t have others see their living spaces, they buy or lease expensive cars to give the illusion of status. But why???

I see cars as tools that take me from point A to point B. I never spend too much time looking or haggling with dealers when I am ready for a new car. I value my time and frankly have never measured my self-worth based on the type of car I drive.

I can dig deeper as to why someone is willing to pay more for a car than a mortgage, but it’s not really my place to judge folks. All I know is that life is too short to become a slave for material things, because they are only illusions to distract us from getting to know our real selves and our real mission in life.


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