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Loose Yourself

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Rumi’s ghazal above translates: The one who helps you loose yourself is your true friend.

I have had more than my share of embarrassing moments in life. As a kid, chocking on food; as a teen not speaking English to the standard of my peers; as a college student, for unprepared presentations; as an employee, for messing up a project; and as a teacher, for not knowing the answer to a question on the topic I should be an expert in.

Other embarrassing moments include falsely accusing someone for something, or judging someone and later finding out their good intentions.

Either way, I am not proud to say that I have made many many mistakes in life. Some had impacts just on me, others effected someone else (hopefully not life changing ones).

After each embarrassing incident, I had a choice to go hide under a rock and never come out. But my dad’s voice kept repeating in my head that said: “only walls don’t make mistakes, because they don’t do much”. So after every embarrassing moment, I swallowed my pride and showed my face again and again.

Some even brought my mistakes to my attention, and I thank them for it. Because I heard from Dr. Michael Beckwith in a speech today that “embarrassment gives birth to humility”. Ironically, most of the times I felt really embarrassed, were times that I felt so full of myself. So, my higher self felt the need to humiliate me, so I can remember who I am.

So glad I have my ego thermostat on high, and every-time the ego hikes up, a nice embarrassing moment, brings me down to my humble self again.

As always, I am grateful!


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