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Just Thinking Out Loud

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

I woke up thinking of the many ideas I like to write about today. Father’s Day would be the ideal topic, since this is the day to celebrate our fathers In America. Some of us are blessed to have one here on earth, and some in different realms. Many of my relatives and friends lost their fathers this past year. So, it would be insensitive to focus on fathers. I could also bash the family unit conformity mandates imposed by the society which has led to so many feeling inadequate and out of place today. But why waste time on negativity?

Then, I thought let me write about my recent observation on how some folks dummy down to fit in (including myself). YES! The need to fit into groups is the perfect topic. I could share how I personally prefer one to one setting rather than group settings. Then That also could lead to a colossal misunderstanding that I am anti-social or presumptuous. (As is, some feel that way about me)

later, I thought of a third idea. This last week, a dear friend made me aware of one of my many flaws. She gently and tactfully brought to my attention the adverse effect of giving/serving too much and its impact on the receiver. She made me realize how my act of service and humility can cause angst on the receivers of these random acts of kindness. She reminded me, some may feel victimized or incapable for not being able to give back, to the point of wanting to avoid you or distant themselves altogether… Wow! I am forever grateful for this insight…The world (or at least the little world that surrounds me) is not that ready for selfless service. Either way thank you my friend…You know who you are!

Like the ass and his equally good grass heaps story, from three weeks ago, I could not decide on what I want to focus on today. I am equally passionate about all three topics. So let me just end the note with an artwork by my friend Karlette Joseph. Her work reminds me of M.S. Irani’s quote: “Be in the world but not of the world”. Of course, it is easier said than done because; if/when one discovers they are not of this world; being part of it, requires carrying a constant veneer and just OBSERVE the happenings around. If the veneer happens to tear or has a hole, then one can ABSORB the world and even be sucked into an illusionary realm. To keep that veneer intact, constant self-awareness is in order. Good luck to us all!

As always, I am grateful!


(See more of Karlette's art in her instapage @karleow or fb page @karlettesillusions)

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1 Comment

Jun 21, 2021

Be in the world but not of the world”.

Absolutely a very apt statement.


Renunciation of Action, Not, Renunciation in Action

What does it mean?

ROA is Attachment to one's Action, Expectations,

This is Unintelligent Action IuA, spending SANSKARAS

RIA is Action without Attachment to the Fruits or Outcome of that Action.

This is intelligent Action IA, unwinding SANSKARAS, thereby reaching Fana or Nirvana.

ACTION of thoughts words and deeds, good or evil, is common to all.

And the outcome of each type of Action is unique.

What matters is IA or IuA to reach the goal of life SELF ACTUALIZATION.


The only Real GOAL of LIFE…

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