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How Lucky Are We?

Dandelions start out yellow, and as they age, their yellow petals dry up and a fuzzy beautiful flower that is really the flower‘s seeds appears. When the wind blows the seeds, the white fuzzies scatter all over.

We Iranians after 1979, like the seeds of dandelions got scattered all over the world. For instance, I have cousins and friends in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Australia, India, France, England, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, India, Mexico, Dubai, and of course coast to coast in the US.

At first glance this could be viewed as a disaster that a nation blew up all over the world. But I for one feel blessed. I have the honor to meet up with few of my cousins in Iran and all over the world every other week on zoom. Beside catching up with their lives, we learn about each of their perspective host countries. We all see so much on TV and social media about a certain place, that could easily be considered propaganda. But we Iranians because we are based in every continent, can truly say, that the sky is the same color everywhere you go on this earth. We can attest that love has the same feel, and could vouch that people all over the world are intrinsically kind and want to do good.

We are also blessed to live in a world where technology allows us to connect and have the dialogue needed to understand one another. I consider being a seed of a dandelion lucky. Some compatriots may see this as a disaster; but hopefully one day they will see how spreading the seeds of our heritage all over the world is a blessing!


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