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Get Out There

October 2020

I spent the afternoon with two of my most intelligent and amazing friends. One is a Medical doctor and the other was a midwife who changed careers to become a scholar in French literature.

The topic was on delivering babies and their experiences as interns in a country where there is a shortage of medical experts. They were both thrown in the deep end to deliver babies, without proper training, and were sharing some funny and some scary stories.

As I was listening to them, I realized how stupid my current issues and predicaments are compared to what they had experienced. I mean they had the life of one or more human beings in their hands. One minor mistake could cause the life of a mother or the baby. The pressure and angst they must have felt, even made me sweat!

So, this brings me to my notes title...get out there and talk to people. Hear their experiences. When you do, you’ll see your issues are not that bad.


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