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December 2020

This is what I posted in my university group chat:

In a society where education has become a political game,

Where the true spirit of passing on knowledge has diminished,

Where the educators have lost their sense of wonder,

Where headcount has conquered heart-count,

Where educational leaders make decisions based on advancing their careers,

Where school workers are getting comfortable with bureaucracy and status quo,

Where it is common to distance oneself from truth tellers,

Where the slow reform concept has swallowed true change,

In systems like this,

we should not expect good and decent folks to run for office,

We should not wonder why almost half of the population voted for crooks,

We should not cry over, why NRA has so much power,

We should not complain about the marginalized,

We should take a look at ourselves instead,

Our education system is broken folks, and we are part of it,

Let’s face it, we simply got too comfortable with our titles, paychecks, and benefits!

Let’s free ourselves from the emperor’s new clothes! ('s_New_Clothes)

This educational system is broken!


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