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November 2020

One of my friends posted the above photo on a social media venue. It implies COVID-19 has been the best teacher for us, since we were forced to learn about simplicity, spirituality, and uncertainty.

Well, I think we are learning much more than what is listed above. You see, we lost an amazing family member to COVID-19 yesterday. Aunty Mahin (my boys’ aunt from their dad side). Ironically, she lived a simple and spiritual life and was calm during uncertainty. So, she truly symbolized the lessons described above. Maybe she graduated from COVID-19 college!

I, however, think the lessons from this pandemic are far greater than the three listed above. The poster neglects to list empathy, detachment, gratefulness, courage, generosity, compassion, creativity, patience, and finally self-awareness!

There is a long road ahead. The lessons are many, the sooner we learn them, the sooner we can join the real party!

May Mahin and all the remaining 1.34 million victims of this tough teacher be at peace!


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