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Coral and Happy

Two weeks ago a friend from India sent me this message/quote:“Why be alone and be happy by oneself, why not be with someone and make others happy?”

At first, I thought what a noble idea, but as I allowed the idea to ruminate in my head, I reconsidered my initial reaction. First off, I don’t think there are too many people out there that are happy by themselves. As I am aging, I am enjoying my alone time more and more, but I don't know too many people who are happy by themselves. The second issue I had with that statement had to do with what guarantee is there that together they will be happy, nonetheless, make others happy! Honestly, how many happy couples exist??

Then I thought of a couple I’ve known for over 30 years. I actually had the pleasure to spend some time with them this past weekend. They perfectly exemplify the second part of the statement above. This couple who I will call Coral and Happy (to keep them anonymous) have synergy. Synergy according to the dictionary means: the interaction or cooperation of two organizations or individuals that produce a greater effect together than the sum of their individual efforts!

Coral and Happy, together, have impacted so many lives, including mine. They effortlessly make couple-hood look easy, they have constant gatherings at their home, short and long term house guest and most importantly, they seem to enjoy each other’s company, which makes their home so much more welcoming, And when there is synergy in any organization, including one’s home, prosperity also feels welcome.

Now...I am not obtuse or naive; I am sure they have their own set of couple’s issue, but how they deal with their issues is perhaps the cause for their success. As I observed them more closely this weekend, I realized that their relationship may look seamless and effortless to an outsider, but Coral and Happy (C&H) are continuously working towards this synergy. Many relationships fail, because one party simply gives up. But that is not the case with C&H.

Coral is my childhood friend, she is probably one of the most dependable friends I have. She is always up, energetic, generous (both with her time and resources) she is kind, popular, caring and most importantly, selfless, with minimum ego.

I met Happy, only through Coral. But based on what I’ve observed, he seems like an easy going, loyal, funny, and intelligent man. I believe the common denominator for this couple, is their vision and need to serve and make others happy. As M.S. Irani says, “Real happiness lies in making others happy”. This past weekend, C&H reaffirmed this statement and proved it correct.

I don’t know, if there is a one size fits all formula for happiness among couples, but this weekend, Coral and Happy did it again and made me renew my faith in couple-hood! They may not even be aware of how they are effecting the folks around them. So, to my Indian friend: Thanks for the quote and the awareness! To Coral and Happy: Thanks for making it look so easy, I wish you both longevity, love, and continued success together!


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