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Coffee Table

Even though, I don’t believe in hanging on to material things, the coffee table, pictured above is a hard one to let go. This table is about 23 years old. It’s the only piece of furniture that I am attached to and hope to take with me anywhere I go!

This oak table has many scratches, corners have been chewed by Nemo the puppy, it has been sanded and refinished by me. The boys have finger-painted, completed school projects, played board games, even danced as toddlers on this gorgeous table.

So many feet have relaxed on it, many meals have been served on it, many candles lit, it has endured many fights, tears, as well as laughter. It has travelled from the east coast of the United States and has gone with us to 3 different homes.

This coffee table is part of my history. Everything else in the house has been replaced at some point. I often wonder if others also own something that can summon such variety of memories in them!


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