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Being Whole

December 2020

At a spiritual discussion group last night, the focus was on being complete. The moderator insisted that the aim of spirituality is to become complete.

Though the thought of being complete is quite vague for some, I have tapped into that vast ocean of feeling complete. The sensation that your mind and heart both repeat: “I am enough”.

The tickle (feeling complete) however, does not last forever. For most of us, like a loose light bulb, the sensation flickers on and off. The aim is to tighten the bulb and remain on permanently.

Feeling whole for me is possible only when I feel centered. Remaining centered in a tilted world, town, home, requires acrobatic talents. Like the circus worker walking on a tight rope with a stick.

Something or someone who is off balance and far from feeling complete, can shoot an arrow your way, and make you off balance. The aim is to shield one from those unwanted arrows, or stay away from them. Though staying away will not help you master your wholeness process. Running away from arrows will only make you a refugee rather than a master of yourself.

So here is to my 54th time getting up!


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