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Becoming One (Rumi)

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Poem translated by yours truly with much help from my sister Naz...

Look at the union of love and lover

Look how the wave and sand unite and become one

How long more talk of this cast and that?

Look how all casts have become one

How long seeing this and that in the good and bad?

Look how this and that have become one

Why say my world versus yours?

Look how all worlds have become one

Water, fire, earth, air and the moon,

See, how all these enemies have become one

The wolf, the sheep, the lion, and the deer

Out of the fear of your dismay, all have become one

Look at the branches in the garden, so to please you,

The thorn and rose have become one

See the unity in the opus, and know

The spring and autumn have become one

Oh shams how you reside in my heart

As no other has merged like us to become one


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