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A poem: A Prayer for you

I wrote this poem right after watching The Kite Runner in 2007. That was perhaps the time, where I finally gave up on absolute thinking. Terms like: "It depends" , "let us see", " may be", " let me do more research" and few others; became permanent fixtures in my psyche. I do hope you understand and enjoy my poem in this note.

Who am I to forgive the wrong?

The words are not expressed eloquently at times,

Yet the intention is noble,

You see it your way

I see it mine.

I respect yours, because I’ve been there,

You can’t see my way, because you have not been there.

Though it pains me to see

I am judged and misunderstood,

I am clear on what I know and understand

That life is always gray

The black and white era for me has passed,

Not because I am immortal

But because I’ve experienced it,

I know there are sadder situations,

In this world of ours,

Orphans who are raped and abused daily,

Whose mothers are not there,

To kiss them the next day,

Still this does not justify

Hurting someone smaller than you,

But this is the world we live in,

We can start with ourselves,

By looking in the mirror,

Looking inside of ourselves,

To accept who we are first,

Then moving on to the next person whom we can’t love

This is the game, this is the challenge.

So, I am clear

I am aware,

I am conscious,

And I pray for you!


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