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A Letter From a Student

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

May 21, 2020 9:42:10 PM

This made my day:

Hello Professor ,

Hope you and your loved ones are doing well. I just want to take a moment to share with you how much I really appreciate you. During the first day of class, I was taken away by your energy. I was definitely dreading a 3 hour long class at 9am but honestly every week I would look forward to it because it was one of my favorite classes. In all my school years, I have never come across an instructor like you. Your energy is amazing and you can truly tell that you are an incredible human being and that you care about your students. Kind of bummed that we didn't get to spend more class time together but a lot of things this year didn't go as planned.

It is so inspiring to see women like you who have worked so hard to become something. Coming from similar cultural backgrounds, it's something you don't always see. As I like to think, you truly are a BOSS! And you're so nice about everything too! Most other women professors tend to just be so (not going to say the word but it rhymes with "itchy") just so they can establish that respect. But you're the type to just be so genuine and up front with your students.

What I also love is how you'd say how it's all in your head. I forgot when it was exactly but somehow the topic was about being sad. And you said something along the lines of it being all in your head and I couldn't agree more. I am now 25, but when I was around 20 I went through the lowest of my lows in life. I was on medication for anxiety and depression. Until one day I realized how I was building tolerance to the medication and my doctor wanted to up my dose. That's when my whole future flashed before me and I thought to myself how it will just become a slippery slope of me being on medication forever. Before that, I really thought I needed medication to keep me happy. But I literally stopped my medication cold turkey that day, I had the worst withdrawals but after a month I was back to normal. Everything in life is mind over matter. So it was so refreshing to hear someone else agree with that.

This past year has been one of the best years in my life personally because I feel that I've found my purpose and actually figured out the direction I want to go in. Since I was 16, I would be in back to back relationships (maybe due to daddy issues because my dad passed away when I was 13). I'd always try and fill a void and would try and seek happiness in others. That was my biggest mistake.The past year was my first time being single and it made me learn so much about myself and to love myself even more. I am truly so happy in life right now and so blessed and unbothered by others. I've learned that it's hard for A LOT of people to achieve this type of peace in life, because the first problem is that people aren't happy with themselves, so of course they'd never be happy in anything else in life. My whole point in mentioning this is that I feel that I'm pretty good at reading energies and vibes from people and I can tell that you are someone who is very much like me.

We share similar mentalities. You have that type of happiness and peace and it shows in how you carry yourself. Very rare! But I love it and you are just amazing.

You were the only one out of my five professors this semester that truly was concerned about the well-being of their students during this whole pandemic.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for not only being a great professor but a great human being. The world needs more people like you.

Wishing you all the best!

If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to reach out. If you ever have any students in your future classes or just anyone that has a love for music send them over!


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