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2020 Elections

November 2020

My dear cousin from overseas wished us well on the tight elections we are facing. She sweetly hoped that things turn out the way I want.

That wish was a heavy load. I mean, what the heck do I know about politics or all the background dealings? All I want is peace, health, and happiness for the world!

Though deep down inside, I wish for the candidate with class, dignity, and a unifying force to represent my host country; but truly, what do I know about the unintended consequences, if he gets elected.

This reminded me of the time where I stuck my nose into my boys' elementary teacher selection. The meetings and schmoozing with the principal to get the boys with the best or nicest teacher for their grade.

The second year I did this, it was a disaster for one of the boys. Not all nice teachers bring out the best in children. So in the third year I just prayed for the teacher who brought out the best in my kids and left Dr. Paxton (the principal) alone!

Ironically, the last years of elementary school went quite smoothly, because I stayed out of the teacher selection process.

Ok, I know... I am comparing elementary school teachers’ selections with the election of the leader of the free world. Pretty silly of me...but here is my point:

I don’t know what is best for this country...Based on the vote count, half of the folks here don’t care if their leader lies, surrounds himself with crooks, does not believe in science, and can’t spell “poll”. they don’t care if he has no class or admires dictators!

Hence, I am not going to assert my ways on the 50%, who simply don’t understand. As Dr. Michael Beckwith once said: “compassion is understanding the lack of understanding.”

As an educator, I also know the more you push ignorance, the more ignorant it gets. What is needed is compassion for those who simply don’t know what they don’t know. The other 50% of this country may not have compassion, but I do.

All I can do at this point is trust the right candidate will be elected, as I know for sure the universe is for us and not against us.


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