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Natural Boundaries

May 21, 2020 9:36:41 PM

In 2017 a big tree fell in our yard and missed our house by an inch. The tree did crush the fence between our not so kind neighbor (who I feel has a bone to pick with non-Americans.) She was not happy that we decided not to replace the fence and plant trees and shrubs and bushes to separate our properties. This caused her so much angst that she complained to the city anonymously about our pool being exposed. After spending couple of thousand dollars and building a fence just around our pool and paying a fine, she realized we are not scared of her and we will not replace the ugly fence with another one.

Now we have a natural boundary set. It’s beautiful and calming. Similarity, as humans we can try and build a natural shield to protect ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even need protecting. The point is, we don’t always have to build fences around ourselves, we can behave in a way to set a natural boundary, without hurting anyone.


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