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Mini Me

November 2020

I was searching for a photo on my phone this weekend. The photo below caught my eyes. It’s from 2017 at Zuma beach, where I climbed that rock to the top. Of course, not climbed, I mean hiked. They have paved a little rocky path behind it. The view from the above is majestic as one faces the Pacific Ocean and stares at the horizon.

But discovering this photo did not intrigue the memory of how beautiful the view was. I think this photo caught my eyes to remind me how small I am in the midst of creation! This body (quite large compared to some tiny folks) is minuscule compared to that giant rock. If I zoom out further, the rock would have looked trivial and zooming out even further would have made the Pacific look like a dot.

Here I am thinking I am big, but in reality, I am not even a dot in the big picture. Should this cause angst or a sense of emptiness in me? Never! It actually is quite liberating to realize that I am not the orchestrator of the universe. Phew...what a relief!

I am not even on the first row of the orchestra, not even a player, not even an instrument. Looking at this picture and zooming out further has made me realize that I am probably a fraction of a thin hair on the bow of a violin. The bow is made of a hank of horsehair. According to google, a single violin bow uses between 160 and 180 individual hairs. These hairs are all attached next to each to form a ribbon.

So, what now? I am not the orchestrator, but simply part of a tool to one of the many instruments that make this giant orchestra work and make music!

If I break, it leaves the burden on other fractions of hair on the bow, and they will eventually break, causing the violin to be dissonant, then the beautiful music to make the world go around will be impacted.

Oh my god, the mini me has such huge responsibility. We all do! We all do...

Note to self: take care of mini minuscule as it is in our huge universe; it still has a huge role to play!


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