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September 2020

Today at a computer store, I witnessed a woman my age falling on her knees. The shout I heard and the pain I am sure she felt, ached my heart. I even shouted with her. This experience is yet another testament, that we are all connected one way or another.

The famous Saadi ghazal that sits on the United Nations’ entrance is truly valid. Saadi the Iranian poet wrote this ghazal eight century ago:

The sons of Adam are limbs of each other,

Having been created of one essence.

When the calamity of time affects one limb

The other limbs cannot remain at rest.

If thou hast no sympathy for the troubles of others

Thou art unworthy to be called by the name of a human.

I know Leo the cat (above) will eventually fall off my bed today, and I already feel his pain!


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