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Circles of Delusion

Composed on 6/28/2020 6:30 am

Bloating in joy

Drowning in pride

Moment to soar

Thinking it’s “I”

Raising the glass

Giving a toast

To all who helped me

On this crazy past

Thinking it’s “I”

Writing this poem,

Thinking it’s “I”

Making a change

What a fool is this “I”

Forgetting something

Forgetting that “I”

is not the source

Branch of a tree

Is this tiny “I”

Confusing its life

With a landscape of trees

Circles of delusion

On and on

Like a Ferris-wheel

At the children’s park

Forgetting when up

Remembering when down

That it’s all you

That it’s all you

It’s not “I” at all

Oh wait...

Nor It’s “you”

It’s just us...

As we are now one.

Stones stacked on my hike path!


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